The impacts of CBT law on the offender

The impacts of CBT law on the offender

If someone committed an offense against the authority for another person’s interest who entrusted them with a particular property, they might be charged with Criminal-Breach-of-Trust (CBT). According to the 336 code of criminal breach of trust Singapore, a trustee of any property for own benefit use, either charitable or public purpose, is charged guilty for the indictable liable and offense to imprisonment for not exceeding 15 years. Here are various cases that involve CBT case:

  1. Former B.C police director’s CBT case

In 2017, a former B.C police force director was given an order in a court of law to repay over $300 000 she misused during the ten years. Additionally, she was fined more than $15000. Additionally, the case means that she can’t be released based on an order of bankruptcy since the city has given a constructive trust over her properties due to misappropriate funds.

The story also explains how she acquired the funds through a petty cash voucher, which comprised misleading and false information. The case also revealed that the accused created a misleading entry in the record-keeping system. CBC story also added that she was charged with CBT offense three years later again after she received $5000 fraud money and over $5,000 theft.

  1. School CBT case

In Newfoundland, a former post-secondary school accountant got three years prison sentence for defrauding her employer of over $500 000 in 5 years. She made this offense by forging a bank statement and then transfers the money to her personal bank account. She used some of the money to clear the bills, and then later, she flees to Disney.

┬áThe CBC media house recorded this story. According to Crown’s lawyer, the fraud incident brought the entire school and its management to its knees. He also added that the accused used the money to fund a lifestyle she couldn’t afford. Luckily, the school managed to recover from some financial loss, and more actions were underway for more recovery.

  1. Church CBT case

CBT cases were reported in two churches of Northern Ontario where OPP officers were charged with CBD offense after a lengthy investigation involving many unlawful money transactions. The cases were reported in two different places of worship. The investigation started when a Diocese member reported the case to the police.

After the internal audit, they discovered that over $200, 000was used illegally in various unauthorized transactions. Through the investigation process, four more individuals were arrested with CBT charges. Considering all these cases, the court will look into various circumstances to analyze the offense’s gravity. Here are various scenarios:

  • Offense duration
  • Entrusted assets or property value
  • Whether persons accused made any compensation for an offense
  • Whether initially faced other charges other than CBT
  • The effects of the offense to the victim, another person, or the general public


A criminal breach of trust in Singapore is taken as a severe offense. That’s why the legislators amended to improve how the accused are prosecuted. Persons who act as a public servant and personal agent also stay away from any form of illegality. People entrusted to deal with assets and properties on other individual’s behalf are also cautioned against misappropriation of funds.