It is crucial to assemble examples of your work if you plan to get a job in the creative field. A portfolio often serves as a resumé for creative careers. Showcasing it online will offer more opportunities than putting it in a bound book. Make sure to keep it simple but creative.

Target audience

It is vital to consider who will view your portfolio before you decide what to put in it. The kind of position you want to apply for affects the target audience. Think about your top five potential employers. Do some employer research to learn more about their needs and styles.

Featured items

It is not necessary to include all your work in an online portfolio. It is best to select those that show off your abilities. Include those that make exemplary use of materials. Make sure the least impressive item displayed in your portfolio is worth a look. Choose around five works while keeping your target audience in mind. Show your range and depth by putting various items. It would also be best if you ask in advance for proper permission. Show prospective employers you have respect for intellectual property rights. Do not exhibit samples you created for a previous employer or client without consent.

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Clear description

Every project in your portfolio should speak for itself. Put a detailed explanatory text for each item. Include the project title, process used, and a brief descriptor.

Make the front page eye-catching by representing all items in a cover shot. Invite the reader to click through the cover. Present the stages of the project in an interesting way. Start from the initial concept. Include early versions and the final output. Providing a section about you will humanize the text and attract more readers.

A portfolio can serve as a resumé for most creative careers. It would be wise to still insert an actual resumé on your portfolio. Put your contact information in front and center.

Customizable portfolios are available online. Some charge a fee but there are those for free. You can even use social media to create a portfolio. Make sure it has a simple navigation and compatible with most platforms.